Daniele Piccoli

I'm a dedicated coach who has been playing tennis since the age of 6 when I first picked up a tennis racket in Sicily. Since then tennis has been my lifelong passion.

I believe this is clear in my way of coaching which is full of enthusiasm with a focus on introducing new players both adult and children to the wonderful social and fun game of tennis. I provide high quality consistent coaching to players of all standards and ages from tots through juniors and adult. I enjoy helping my students to build their confidence and improve all areas of their game (tactical, technical, physical) in a fun environment. My aim is to inspire players of all levels sharing my expertise and passion for the amazing sport of tennis. 

Contact Daniele to book a lesson.

Mobile number: 07429 987399
Email address: [email protected]

Daniele's Coaching Fees: 

Individual Shared Adult Group
£35 for 60 minutes £40 for 60 minutes £10/15 per drop in lessons
£27 for 45 minutes £30 for 45 minutes  
£18 for 30 minutes £20 for 30 minutes