Eladi Mainar

Eladi has over 12 years of coaching experience. He started coaching in Spain before moving to the UK to continue his coaching career a number of years ago. Passionate about tennis he has recently completed a Masters degree in High-performance tennis. He enjoys competing and thus is an excellent choice for those wishing to be challenged physically on the court. He also enjoys playing for the SHTC first team and has great knowledge about the biomechanics of the sport.

If you want to bring your technical and tactical skills to the next level Eladi will be the coach for you.

Contact Eladi to book a lesson.

Mobile number: 07760 662119
Email address: [email protected]

Visit Eladi's website to find out more about him

Eladi's Coaching Fees: 

Individual Shared Adult Group
£40 for 60 minutes £45 for 60 minutes £10/15 per drop in lessons
£30 for 45 minutes £35 for 45 minutes  
£20 for 30 minutes £25 for 30 minutes