Local Tennis Leagues

Interested in playing friendly, competitive singles matches? The Dundee Tennis League is open to men & women (aged 18+) of all standards.

Round 8 is just starting and will continue till wednesday the 11th of April 2018.

Although you are too late to join round 8, entries are now being taken for round 9 of the Dundee Tennis League and new members are always welcome to join this ever expanding league.

To book in to round 9, please go to: https://localtennisleagues.com/dundee/rounds/singles/9 

Submit you entry for round 9 by the 30th of April to take part in competition from the 3rd of May to the 27th June 2018..

For more information about the Dundee Tennis League email [email protected] 

For general information regarding the Local Tennis Leagues please go to: https://localtennisleagues.com/




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