Guest Pass

What is a Guest Pass? 

A Guest Pass lasts all day and applies to each non member that wishes to play. at the club. 

  • £5 per Adult (Over 16) for the day.
  • £3 per Child (Under 16) for the day. 

How do I get into the courts? 

Contact 07940228340 to be provided with a key safe code . Located on the wall of the club house toward the right of clubhouse door. 

How do I pay to play? 

  1. Access the clubhouse after being supplied with the key safe code.
  2. Head towards a green container located at the back right hand side of the clubhouse. 
  3. Sign in then place your guest fees into a brown envelope located inside the clubhouse.
  4. Write your names and the amount paid on the envelope.  
  5. Place your envelope in the slot on top of the green container. 

What if there are people already playing? 

If neither party has pre-booked online then court availability will be subject to a first come first serve basis. 


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