Coaching for Children

Mini Tennis

Children between four and ten years old can play tennis using smaller courts, nets and rackets and lower bouncing balls, it is a great introduction to the sport, with all the fun and energy of the real thing.

We use 3 stages - Red, Orange and Green - each with their own court size and type of ball. This tailored approach enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age.  

The Highland Spring Mini Tennis Rally Awards scheme is used to chart progression in each player along side their mini tennis rating which is used for competitions.

Junior Tennis

At 11 years old players progress to yellow ball tennis, with the same rules as normal tennis.  Although competitions are seperated by age group sometimes elements of mini tennis are used to train junior players, particularly those starting out.

All juniors have a tennis rating which they can improve by winning matches, and we mainly use FAST4 scoring for internal competitions.

Junior players are encouraged to compete in teams in the county leagues and individually in local tournaments.