St Albans Tennis Club - Spring Singles Round 23

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The Winter Singles Round 22 winner congratulations go to:
Box 1 David Stead/Tim Yates (officially Tim as he beat David in their match but thought I'd add David)
Box 2 Ivan Raath
Box 3 Andrew Morris
Box 4 Jon Spooner
Box 5 Daniel Myers
Box 6 David Smith
Box 7 Daniel Butcher
Box 8 William Hiles
Box 9 Nigel Ward
Box 10 Jonathan Hayes
Box 11 James Small
Box 12 Pavel Tolar
Box 13 Rob Houghton
Box 14 Peter Ellam
Box 15 Bhavesh Patel
Box 16 Harvey North (Harvey won all of his games 2:0 and has a double promote)

For round 23, the top two players in each box were promoted, and the bottom two players were demoted. There have been three leavers and eight new joiners, which means an additional box for round 23. We have 99 players in 17 boxes. Several players didn't complete the required minimum number of matches however, given the exceptional circumstances, the rule was not applied for the last round. Please note, whilst you may have been promoted from the last round, you may find yourself in a different box number due to the new joiner's impact.

Please aim to finish all of your matches by Monday 17th May. 

If you have forgotten your username or your password please use the 'Forgot your password?' or 'Forgot your username?' links.
If you experience any other difficulty please ask for assistance via WhatsApp or email [email protected].

Best of luck,
Tim and Graham