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It is important that we maintain an active and positive relationship with the staff at Stamford Endowed Schools, both support staff and sports staff.

Please only make contact with the SES staff on club matters via the Chairman, House Manager or R2R coaching staff.

Support staff

. XX, Director of Operations - Vacant

. Sue Moore, PA to Director of Operations - [email protected]

. Jan Simmonds, Finance Manager - [email protected]

. Stewart Dorey, Estates Manager - [email protected]

. Jimmy Duff, Estates - [email protected]

. Chris Finch, Sports Centre Manager - [email protected]

. Bob Carder, Head Groundsman - [email protected]

Sports staff

. Mark Nasey, Director of Sport, SES - [email protected]

. David Laventure, Director of Sport, SS - [email protected]

. Ben Kirckpatrick, Director of Tennis, SES, [email protected]

. Francis Williams, Head of Boys Tennis, SS - [email protected]

. Maria Higgins, Head of Sport, SHS - [email protected]

. Heidi Cannie, Head of Girls Tennis, SHS - [email protected]

. Matt Williams, Head of Sport, SJS - [email protected]

. Wendy Haynes, P.E. Teacher, SJS - [email protected]

. Dean Headley, Sports Bash - [email protected]