Performance Factors

Understand the Game

Tennis is a simple game but when you look a little deeper there is a lot of exciting elements to the game. Tennis is essentially hitting the ball over the net and in the court until you opponent can't get it back but this can be split into these key elements or known as PERFORMANCE FACTORS...

Tactics - how you win the point

  • Strategy - is the big pictire on how you are going to win e.g. attack to the backhand
  • Tactics - to support the strategy you may decide to serve and rally to the backhand
  • Pattern of play - specific pattern of shots e.g. repeatedly a slice backhand cross court to make them make errors.

Technique - swing the racket the best way for maximum outcome on the ball

  • Stroke Production - moving & hitting the ball effieciently 
  • Biomenchanics - efficient body movements
  • Ball Characteristics - spin / depth / width / height / speed 

Mental - Mental skills to help correct behaviour for a postive influence on the court 

  • Concentration - focus on the task 
  • Control - emotional compsure aggression, anger anxiety, excitment etc
  • Commitment - working towards your goal
  • Confidence - belief in yourself 


  • Strength creating or wisthstanding force e.g. strength reuquired to hit powerful shots 
  • Suppleness- Flexibility of the limbs e.g. stretching for the ball
  • Stamina - sustaining your perfomance over a long period
  • Speed - ability to react, move, hit & recover quickly to the ball