Coach Process

Coaching Process

It is important to know that the coach team have been trained into delivering quality coaching sessions by the LTA. When we deliver training & teaching sessions we follow the coaching process..

  • Warm Up, Observation & Agree goals for the sessions i.e. a new skill to learn or train a current a tatic or skill
  • Demonstration of the tactic (setting the game situation and pattern of play e.g. cross court forehand) with technical coaching points to help execute the skill e.g. swing direction towards the target area
  • Closed Skill training . Isolate the skill to help practice on the specific skill. e.g. Practising the forehand from a basket feed. Progress to a rally feed.
  • Progression Drill. Adding another ball e.g. Hit down the line after a crossc court ball
  • Open Skill Training - Using the tactic in open play that requires decision making. e.g. cross court rally then decide ona  short ball whether to go down the line or not.
  • Conditioned Points - Playing points to encourage using the new tactic or skill. e.g. bonus point for every crosscourt forehand you use .