Game Styles

Game Styles

Like boxing there are different sytles of players. From Andy Murray the counter puncher to Roger Federrer. From Ricky Hatton in boxing who gets up and attacks and move forwards and every chance. Compared to Mohamed Ali who soaked the punches up against like a sleeping lion before roaring out for the kill later on.

The differnt game styles can be read on the with looking to certain patterns of play, where they stand on the court i.e. further back or forward and guessin with theie body shape i.e. stocky build may be a hard hitter compared to a slimmer player may be a counter puncher.

Aggresive Baseline Player 

This kind of player is attacking and goes for winners. The patterns often seen are drive shots and goinf for winners on the run. Statistically youw ould expect more winners but there can be more unforced errors with this style. Players who are often muscular and / or athletic are more liekly to be this type of player with arguably a personality to go with it. Andre Aggassi is a great example who used to step inside of the basline and would often take contorl of the pint early.

Hard Hitter

This is simplae strategy of hit  it harder and out hit your opponent . Usually player with a bigger frame and msucualr would use this tactic . This strategy can fall short as players that are good retievers will just wear this player down and often 'wind' a hard hitter up and get them frustrated. In doubles this can be a great partner match for a counter puncher or touch player making it difficult for the opponents with 2 contrasting styles.

Counter Puncher

This player as variety of shots up there sleeve with having to defend and run after balls with ability to soak up hard hitters and encourage them into going for shots and then making mistakes. They have the ability though still to attack and any sign of weakness they will pounce and kill a short ball. Arguably a more intelligent player, good endurance is required and perhaps a more reserved character.

All round court player

This kind of player is posibly the hardest to play as they are unpredicatble and can defend well and attack well. They have different strategies and can adapt to differnt opponents. Federrer is the all time king of this style soak attacks up and turn it around quickly. The difference between this and a counter puncher that is that they have the baility to come to the more and suprise the opponent. The only way to beat this kind of player is stick to your game plan and keep them guessing with your own change of plays.