The shot cycle is important to understand ...


A player must be metanlly ready and foucsed on their game . They also need to be in athletic stance to help 

PREPARATION (move to the ball and take the racket back)

  • Track/read the ball charecteristics and work out where their oppoent is on the court which will affect the players decision (perception)
  • Then a player must react by making a decision
  • The key then is to move to the ball and prepare a backswing
  • All shots actually use the kinetic chain starting from the ground up i.e. dip the legs and preload with a coil of the upper torso


  • After the backswing of course comes the forward swing which accelerates to the ball (decelarte from a drop shot)
  • the impact point needs to be the correct disatnce from body to ball
  • The contact should be infront, correct height, disatnce away from the body 
  • Tha angle of the racket essential 
  • For power the racket is at full spped on contact point


  • The line of the swing directs the ball either high / low, left/right and can affect the spin of the ball
  • The length will affect the power and speed i.e. long swing for length 
  • Acceleration of the racket through the contact point is required for fast racket head speed 
  • Decelearation occurs at the end of the swing 


  • After the shot a player needs to be balanced to move back to the middle 
  • Eyes on the ball and the opponent ready to anticiapte their next shot
  • Reduce the options of attack and reducing their space to hit the ball