Performance Packages & Sponsorship

Performance Packages

Junior Sessions rely on parents paying for their child and we know that this can be expensive if they want to commit to regular training sessions. We say that anything that you pay is a way of investing for your childs future, however everyone has different circumstances financially so here are some ideas to help ....

Performance Packages 

6 Private lessons - £180 (save £12)

6 Strength & Conditioning Session £180 (save £12)

Tournaments Visits £100 for half day if withinn 20 miles, includes a written report

6 weekly groups sessions from £39/ 6 weeks


To help players with the costs and to encourage their motivaton business's or family members may be interested in supporting their jounrney As long as the player is dedicated we may be able to find a sponsor...

Bronze Sponsor  - £35 pays for a private session

Silver Sponsor - £100 this can be either  3 hours of private tuition can give a player a boost of his perfomance and confidence or a tournament visit with a coach able to watch a player and feedback with  report and help with guidance of plannign future training.

Gold Sponsor - £499 This can help a player with training in group for 6 weeks, have 6 private lessons * strength conditioning sessions &  a tournament visit. You will be feedback on the players progress and results if neccesary.