6 week course Outline

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Week 1 – Baseline Basics

Tactics - Back to Basics with improving consistency and depth in your rally shots

Technique - Simplifying the shot cycle (ready / prepare / contact ball / follow through)

Advanced – Rising balls through the baseline

Challenge of the week – How many balls scan you get in in 2 minutes

Week 2 – Moving the opponent around

Tactics - run your opponent around using cross court shots and open up the court with down the line shots

Technique – angling the racket and lining the swing to control the ball cross court

Advanced – Use angles to open up the court using topspin to dip the ball

Challenge of the week – Playing points pay away from the middle

Week 3 - Serve Consistency Percentage

Tactic - Simply getting you first serve in with depth and speed to stop your opponent attacking you.

Technique – Simplifying the shot cycle and consistent contact point

Advanced Players - Aiming for 70% serves in with maximal speed. Then controlling the ball wide, body or T

Week 4 – Return of serve

Tactics - Returning the serve seep and stopping the opponent from attacking. Second serve returns to be attacked into the space.

Technique – Movement to the ball and contact point in-front

Advanced players – wide serve returns & T returns

Week 5 – Approaching the net

Tactics – Approaching off a short ball and volley into the space

Technique – Movement to the ball, positioning and racket head control

Advanced – Using drive volleys and angle volleys

Challenge of the week – how many deep volleys can you get in 2 minutes / how many points can you win at the net

Week 6 – Passing shots and lobs when your opponent comes to the net

Tactics – Off a weaker approach or volley chance to attack cross, line or lob against the opponent at the net

Technique - working on Swing path to control the ball

Advanced – angle cross court low and then into space

Challenge of the week – 2 minutes to get as many passing shot in as possible