Return of Serve Week

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Return of serve is a your first shot in the rally so make it count !


Get your partner to serve from the baseline and then take a step forward each serve from then on. Your partner should end up in the service box serving to you from a close distance. This reduces your time and helps your sharpen up your reactions


Partner serves normal fast serves but deliberatly serves some weak serves. The returner has to react and rally deep or use their strength to attack the serve. A target can be put out for the opponents backhand or a circle in the middle to aim away from.


Play service games from either 0-30, 15-40 or 30-40. The returner has to keep a first serve percentage by hitting deep and keeping up the pressure on the server. Second serves should be hit odeep or attacked of short.

Return Technique 

  • Low Ready position - ensure a your have a wide base and stay low to help with a quick first step
  • Split Step - split just before the servers contact point
  • Early shoulder Turn - when you made decision which shot turn to initiate the backswing
  • Contact Infront - contatc should be infront and with a low to high swing path unless doing slice then a high to low swing path. Attack returns using a drive would have a flatter swing path to reduce sping and increase the ball speed.
  • Recover - using a cross over step on wider balls and / or push off the outside leg to recover to the middle.