Adult Coaching

Autumn group lessons will start again from September. They will be available to book from August 15th.


Individual lessons are a great way to iron out those wrinkles in your game, giving you some key teaching points to make a lasting difference as you implement them.

Listed below are times for individual lessons available at HALE VILLAGE LTC and CLAREMONT LTC; which can be booked and paid for by clicking on the session of your choice. 


Individual programs of 5/10 lessons at a discounted rate are also available. This involves a more detailed focus on an individuals game; with match charting and goal setting to help identify and improve individual-specific areas. You can purchase a course from the list below or contact me directly. Dates and times can be agreed after the course has been purchased.

Multiple lesson programs are only available to members of Hale Village or Claremont LTC


A 10 lesson program costs £230.00

A 5 lesson program costs £120.00

Multiple lesson programs available on-line here


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