The Committee (The Dirty Dozen)

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I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to Christmas, meeting up with friends and family.

You may be making plans and having wishes for the New Year, and even be making your New Year’s resolutions to try and keep.

The committee has seen some changes this year, post our recent AGM.

I am the newly elected president and wish to say that I have the club’s interest at heart and I am working with all of the committee to ensure we have change for the future prosperity of the club, but certainly not just for change sake.

Sue Price and Ali Davidson worked on creating ideas for the club, hence, a survey to convey our thoughts, but also to get feedback from members on their preferences and any new ideas to put on the table.


Paul Baldwin (President); Peter Harrison (Vice-President); Raj Bandha (Treasurer); Tony Coe (Club Secretary); Pam McCredie (Membership Secretary); Graham Cole (House Chairperson); Ben Marriott; Peter Shortt; Sue Price; Annette Tatler; Radka Weaver; Chris Simmons.