The Club's Competition Framework can be found here: Competition Framework

Inter-club Tournaments

The Ipswich and District Summer League's Winter, Summer and Winter Fllodlit Leagues all feature Stowmarket teams, with opportunities to play Mens and Ladies - with the addition of Mixed in the Summer. Teams are picked in the Spring and Autumn by the Captains under the leadership of the Competition Secretary. If you want to know more about these interclub competitions, you may find that guide prepared by a colleague helpful: Guide

Internal tournaments

Annual Club Tournament

Every year bar 2020, the Club has held its Annual Club Tournament culminating in the Finals Day in September.  It is an all day event with food (BBQ),  and beverages and cakes available all day whilst the matches take place. Juniors and seniors compete, with the event culminating in the presentation of the trophies by the Mayor as soon the last match is completed.  Trophies include the junior Cunningham Cups, in honour of our former Head Coach, Chris Cunningham. All members and their families are encouraged to attend to celebrate our finest tennis.

Doubles Box Ladder

In order to provide an opportunity all year round for competitive play, the Club runs a  doubles box ladder competition for all members (aged 14 and above). It accommodates players new to tennis and  those returning after a break – as well as the Club's finest players. It is not gendered. Every six weeks, members are invited to play the next round, which involves 2 matches in the following 6 weeks.

Singles Ladder

The Club runs a Singles Ladder that includes over 200 members aged 10+ years, with a Juniors section for the youngest and a Seniors ladder for those aged 14+. In this you can play as many matches as you like, challenging those above you and clawing you way to the top of the ladder in your own time.