Tennis Ball Machine

Studley Tennis Club have purchased a Lobster Elite 3 ball machine that will be available for members to hire. 

Please ensure you have read over the user manual to familiarise yourself with the machine itself and also the safety regulations before hire commences. 

Click here to read the ball machine manual, and here to watch the instructional Youtube video.


First use will be a 90 minute hire, at a cost of £10.  This includes an additional 30 minutes of use, to enable familiarisation and to get comfortable with positioning etc. Ongoing hire will be at a cost of £10 per 60 minutes.

Approximately 72 balls will be provided. A charge of 50p per lost ball will be added to the final bill.

Studley Tennis Club will confirm the bill after the use of the ball machine.


Any members over the age of 16 can attain access to the Lobster Elite 3.


Contact Studley Tennis Club to hire the ball machine.

📧 - [email protected]

The tennis court must be booked via the Clubspark court booking system.

The ball machine, balls and the oscillator are kept in a secure location. The key is protected with a combination padlock. This combination will be given out on the day of hire. 

The machine must be returned & secured on completion of the hire.


The ball machine is a coaching aid, that helps players practice without the need of a hitting partner.  The machine is also a great help with practicing specific shots, 72 x cross court backhands for example.

You must adhere to your arranged time slot, the machine has a limited battery life, so it's important that the members abide by the 60-90 minute rule to ensure that the machine has charge remaining for the following period of hire.

There is a £5 charge for running over your time slot.