About Us

We aim to be a transparent organisation ensuring tennis is accessible, welcoming and enjoyable for everyone who wants to take part.  The pages here give you more information about who holds key roles in Suffolk LTA  and key policies/documents and our sponsors.  Our Safeguarding policies, which are of prime importance, have a direct link from our home page.  

For information about County Teams, Suffolk Leagues, Disability Tennis or other county wide programmes please go to the Play Tennis page.   If you are looking for a tennis club in Suffolk, take a look at our Home Page which lists all our registered venues and shows their location and address on a map.

In order to acheive our county goals we aim to engage with and empower more volunteers to assist in delivering the LTA 5 year strategy.  We have  sub committees/working groups to help us do this.  

Details of the current management committee and subcommittees can be found under Who We Are