October Newsletter

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Dear all

It’s fair to say we have been embracing the change in weather as it’s been another good month at the club - here is the update for October:

Juniors: Autumn Club & Coach had its final half term session last Saturday, and despite the change in temperature it’s still being activity attended so well done Adrian and Kyle for keeping the kids motivated. Adrian and Dylan ran 4 half-term camps last week, so the juniors really are enjoying the tennis and this is a credit to what Adrian, Kyle and now Dylan have done to inspire the kids to play and learn! Assistant Kyle now steps aside, after 6 months of volunteering, and he has been a huge contributor to the success of the junior arm, so a massive thank you to him on behalf of the club! Please join me in welcoming new Assistant Coach, Dylan Lee-Finnie to the team. Dylan is a new Junior member and a fabulous player so I have high hopes for Dylan continuing the hard work put in by Adrian and Kyle. 

Pétanque: We are working on a proposal for you members to consider in respect of rebranding the club to Sutton Highfields Tennis & Pétanque Club (SHTPC) in reflection of the fact we have not been a lawn tennis cluib for many years, and pétanque is a major part of (and asset to) our club. This can only strengthen visibility to those searching for pétanque so I hope you’ll all agree this would be a positive next step for our club. Watch this space for further info on rebranding. Also, did you know we have 55 members, and a new club session which takes place on Saturdays from 11.30?

Membership: We have signed up 3 new adults and 1 new junior member this month so very pleased the club is still going strong into the Autumn.

Tennis comps: At a committee level we all agreed it would be great to run some form of internal winter (Jan/Feb) mixed tournament, but need helping hand. There has been a lot of success at other local clubs hosting a weekend of mixed tennis, so I would like to open this up to other clubs to enter, but we need volunteers to help in the preparations – please do let us know if you are interested in helping out. You don’t need to be involved in any other committee business, just able to donate a couple of hours and a willingness to take part in this specific project.01

Wimbledon Ballot:  Another reminder on Steve Hainsworth’s email, we need you to “opt in” to gain as many tickets for the ballot – please refer to the attached guidelines but please note, pétanque members CAN ALSO OPT IN but it is  necessary to click on the “KP” symbol, top right, to get to your homepage.   

Social: The Hallowe’en Quiz night was hosted by Quizmaster, John Boesinger, last Saturday night and 4 teams battled to the finish line. Team “Let’s Get Quizical” took the prize in unimpressive fashion but as some of these guys were on the winning (joint) team last time I’m expecting some new challengers next time!  No prizes for guessing who was on the losing team…

Coming up in November: The mysterious, and much anticipated, Wine Tasting event is taking place on Saturday 17th November, This really is set to be an exciting event consisting of both wine tasting & guessing the origin of 4 wines, whilst nibbling some cheese and of course socialising with other members. The cost will be £12.50 per person and spaces will be limited as this is happening in the home of a member near you….. Watch out for details to be sent out under separate cover.

All the best


Katy Wilson

Chairman – Sutton Highfields Lawn Tennis Club