Club Management

Our club is managed purely on a volunteer basis. We have a management committee, including nominated officers, which meets monthly to discuss all matters relating to the management of the club. The management committee consists of the following roles





Committee members

The club holds an annual AGM to which all members are invited to understand the running of the club and also raise any points they would like considered by the AGM.

If you are interested in assisting in running the club please contact our club Chairman or Secretary to discuss this.

Our committee for the 2022 season is

President: Gill Howard

Chaiman: David Evans, Tel: 07769 640220, Email

Secretary: Simon Lee, Tel: 07872 403880, Email

Treasurer: Graham Dunn


Trevor Seanor, Tel: 07752 721311, Email

Teo Arkut (coach),  Tel: 07890 783807, Email

Steve Ireland

Nick Jackson

Phil Kendrick

Maurice Coupland