Ways to pay for tennis lessons

Ways to pay for tennis lessons

Payment can be made in many ways:

You can also pay for your lessons through our Class, Venue and Lesson Finder - see below:

Lessons at your Nursery or Pre-school

Join a Tots Tennis class at nursery or pre-school and pay a flat, monthly fee of £29:20, regardless of number of weeks in the month.

Single Lessons for Tots, Juniors and Teens

Try a lesson first: £8.50 for Tots or £12 for Juniors and Teens.

Tots Tennis course at:

Mini, Junior or Teen course

Single Adult Group Lessons

We run group lessons for Adults every week.

Private Lessons, Junior and Adult

You can set up a Direct Debit mandate which we can then use to invoice you whenever you take a lesson. You will need to authorise each payment request we put through.