Finals Weekend winners

The 2016 FInals Weekend at Teddington LTC on September 3rd and 4th was another success, with large crowds descending to watch some high-quality tennis across more than 30 competitions. 

Jenny Marlow swept the board, winning the Ladies' Singles, Ladies' Doubles with Geri Cummins, and Mixed Doubles with Zino Arbane.

Jenny won her first club championship by beating Geri in three sets in the singles, adding both doubles titles to confirm her place as best female player of 2016.

Jack Caso defended his Men's Singles title with a 6-1 7-6 win over Zino. At 23 and 17 years old respectively, this could be a long-lasting rivalry of contrasting styles.

Many expected the Men's Doubles Final to be a thrilling affair, but Anthony Mills and Tom Dixon raced into a 6-1 3-0 lead over Zino and Jamie Evans. However, Zino and Jamie came roaring back to win the second set and take the third to a tiebreak. The combination of Tom's power and Anthony's artistry saw them through in arguably the highlight of the weekend.

Elsewhere, Yuko Akagi won both the Ladies Singles Handicap and Ladies Doubles Handicap (with Sarah Calderwood), while Alex Maye picked up the Men's Doubles Handicap (with Gustav Durlind) and Mixed Doubles Handicap (with Alice White). 

Zino and Gustav also cleaned up in the Junior events, while Anna Ferris-Simpson won an incredible four titles, including the Girls Under 18s singles.

Other stars of the future include Tom Randall and Shaw Simler, who won three and four titles each respectively, and Milana Simler, who added the award for Most Improved Player Under 16 to her two titles.

Full list of winners and runner-ups

Red (U8) doubles 
Runners-up: Noah Mayberry/James Painter
Winners: Rafael Reeves/ Stefanos Alstram

Red (U8) singles 
Runner-up: Rafael Reeves 
Winner: Stefanos Alstram

Orange (U9) doubles
Runners-up: Stanley Brophy/ Adam Combe
Winners: Shaw Simler/ Oliver Whitticase

Orange (U9) singles
Runner-up: Stanley Brophy
Winner: Shaw Simler

Green (U10) doubles
Runners-up: Ben Gillingham Jones/ Tristen Gierz 
Winners: Shaw Simler/ James Oliver-Hawkswell

Green (U10) singles
Runner-up: Kai Smith 
Winner: Shaw Simler

Girls U12 singles
Runner-up: Chloe Buckingham 
Winner: Katie Kan

Boys U12 singles
Runner-up: Monty King
Winner: Oliver Wasik

Girls U14 doubles
Runners-up: Katie Kan/ Nicola Seidle
Winners: Anna Ferris-Simpson/ Milana Simler

Boys U14 doubles
Runners-up: Elliot Duffau/ Oliver Wasik
Winners: Tom Randall/ Oliver Skirrow

Girls U14 singles
Runner-up: Nicola Seidle
Winner: Milana Simler

Boys U14 singles
Runner-up: Max Von Wittgenstein
Winner: Tom Randall

Mixed U15 doubles
Runners-up: Max Von Wittgenstein/ Milana Simler
Winners: Tom Randall/ Anna Ferris-Simpson

Girls U16 singles
Runner-up: Katie Kan
Winner: Anna Ferris-Simpson

Boys U16 singles
Runner-up: Nic Krifasi
Winner: Gustav Durlind

Girls U18 doubles
Runners-up: Anna Ferris-Simpson/ Milana Simler
Winners: Daina Siebert/ Alice White

Boys U18 doubles
Runners-up: Tom Randall/ Oliver Skirrow
Winners: Zino Arbane/ Gustav Durlind

Girls U18 singles
Runners-up: Alice Butler
Winner: Anna Ferris-Simpson

Boys U18 singles
Runners-up: Gustav Durlind
Winner: Zino Arbane

Nellie Nordberg Cup
Runners-up: Sue Christopher/ Sara Parsonage
Winners: Jan Chadwick/ Sheila Bailey

Carolyn Grieve Cup
Runners-up: Jan Chadwick/ Tony Lamb
Winners: Peter Lloyd/ Deborah Butcher

Most improved player U25
Winner: Jack Richards

Most promising junior U16
Winner: Milana Simler

Keeley Cup (most points for teams in summer season)
Winner: Richard Laundy

Ladies handicap doubles
Runners-up: Sue Reynolds/ Cheryl Spragg
Winners: Yuko Akagi/ Sarah Calderwood

Mixed handicap doubles
Runners-up: Richard Laundy/ Vicky James
Winners: Alex Maye/ Alice White

Men’s handicap doubles
Runners-up: Geoff Hartop/ Paulo Antunes
Winners: Gustav Durlind/ Alex Maye

Ladies handicap singles
Runner-up: Brigitte Richmond
Winner: Yuko Akagi

Men’s handicap singles
Runner-up: Rob Hollinshead
Winner: Peter Gray

Mixed doubles
Runners-up: Jonny Williams/ Sarah Jackson
Winners: Zino Arbane/ Jenny Marlow

Ladies doubles
Runners-up: Sarah Jackson/ Kasia Zaremba-Byrne
Winners: Geri Cummins/ Jenny Marlow

Men’s doubles
Runners-up: Zino Arbane/ Jamie Evans
Winners: Anthony Mills/ Tom Dixon

Ladies singles
Runner-up: Geri Cummins
Winner: Jenny Marlow

Men’s singles
Runner-up: Zino Arbane
Winner: Jack Caso