February newsletter: AGM update

It was fantastic to see so many people at the AGM last Thursday. Over 150 people voted in the elections for the new Club President and Vice-President, which were won by Scott Helyer and Matt Jacks respectively. A full list of the new committee was sent on Sunday morning and can also be viewed here.

The committee would like to thank every member that attended (and managed to last the night).

What happens next

The committee will be sitting at the end of the month for its first meeting of the new 2017/18 season. We will discuss everything that happened at the AGM and report back to the membership.  

The matter of the constitution will be dealt with by a sub/steering committee and will encapsulate the advice we have received so far and the views of other members.

We will have an EGM (extraordinary general meeting) in the not too distant future, once the accounts have been modified and checked once again by an account who is a member of the club. These will need to be proposed and seconded at that EGM.

Court resurfacing

The club is looking into a replacement surface for courts 1, 2 and 3 due to excessive wear, and the committee has begun the process of exploring suitable options. 

To do this the club has taken on expert advice from an LTA approved consultant, the same person who helped to advise when upgrading courts 4,5 and 6. If you would like to offer your help in play testing some of the options please contact Stuart Simler, Tom Folley or any committee member.

At this stage a total of seven active ‘Play Testers’ from a range of the club's membership groups tested the first of the following and will test the latter:

1) Edel Advantage Red Court (Trevor May) – play tested at Coombe Wood Lawn Tennis Club.

2) Lano Grand Clay 12 (Chiltern Sports Contracts) – play test date options TBC at Pensford Tennis Club.

Once the dates are set for the latter site we will consider all feedback from the play testing groups to help inform the final decision.

Wimbledon ballot

The deadline to opt in for the Wimbledon ballot is Friday 17th February. If you have not done so already, please opt in before the deadline – even if you don't wish to go, the more people who opt in, the more tickets we are allocated! 

To opt in, simply log into the members area of the LTA website and click Opt In. Your login details can be found at the top of any email from British Tennis.

Many thanks and we are all looking forward to another great year for TLTC.