Mini Tennis

LTA Youth

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LTA Youth is a series of LTA approved courses which allows the natural progression of young players as their skills develop. Players in all stages of our LTA Youth programme will be offered the opportunity to compete in our tournaments monthly. Some players can go on to compete in tournaments around the country.

Performance - Invitational sessions. (Players must be competing and have individual lessons.) Please enquire if interested

LTA Youth Mini Tennis has 4 stages:

  • Blue: 4-6 years - Learn the basics
  • Red: 6-8 years - Serve, rally and score
  • Orange: 8-9 years - Develop a rounded game
  • Green: 9-10 years - Test your skills

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Blue Stage

(Age 4-6)

Young kids are bundles of energy just running around without a care in the world. But the programme is designed to finesse their fine motor skills like balance, agility and coordination. At this stage it’s not about winning or losing but just getting to grips with the basics.

Dallington LTC 

Saturday 9am-10am

Kings Park Tennis Centre - Indoors

Saturday 9am-10am

Red Stage

(Age 6-8)

This looks a bit more like the tennis you know; overarm serves, rallies, scoring. Kids can use their new knowledge to play in competitions as teams or individuals. It’s still soft balls and small courts but they’re learning everything they’ll need for the game ahead.

Dallington LTC

Tuesday  4-5pm

Saturday 10am-11am

Nether Heyford Tennis Club

Monday 4pm-5pm

Kings Park Tennis Centre - Indoors

Monday 4pm - 5pm

Saturday 10am-11am

Orange Stage

(Age 8-9)

All the skills they’ve been learning are turning them into tennis Titans. Time to throw in some tactics, extra techniques, problem-solving and leadership too; they’re becoming Mini Muzza’s before your eyes.

Dallington Lawn Tennis Club

Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Saturday 11pm-12pm

Nether Heyford 

Monday 5pm-6pm

Kings Park Tennis Centre - Indoors

Thursday 5pm - 6pm

Saturday 11am-12noon

Green Stage

(Age 9-10)

Where does the time go? They’re fast approaching moody teenagers and so it’s time to let them loose on real, full-sized courts. Now it’s all about fine tuning and refining the techniques they’ve learned over the years. Welcome to the Big Leagues, junior. This course helps players to further develop the skills that they have learnt throughout the programme and improve on all aspects of their game before moving on to a full compression yellow ball.

Dallington LTC

Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Wednesday 5pm-6pm

Saturday 9am-10am

Kings Park Tennis Centre - Indoors

Tuesday 5pm - 6pm

Saturday 11am-12noon


Teen Tennis (10-18 Years)

Teen Tennis focuses learning and developing techniques and building up rallies - but is delivered in a way more suited to this older age group. Hitting loads of balls, and lots of fitness while playing games and matches. Teen Tournaments are held every other month.

Bronze - Beginners or new to Yellow Ball Tennis (Players aged 11-14)

Silver - Compitent Yellow Ball players (Players aged 13-16)

Gold - Advanced Yellow Ball players (Players aged 14-18)

Dallington LTC


Silver 6pm-7pm


Bronze 10am-11am

Silver 11am-12noon

Gold 12noon-1pm