Player of the Month

The Player of the Month Award is back for 2019!

Each month, a junior player from a Tennis Squad venue will be given a special prize in recognition of outstanding effort on the match court. The standard or result doesnt matter, as long as they are playing our great game outside of the coaching environment. 

2019 Winners:

  • January: Sammy Davies - gained Orange ball rating following a run of Black Dog and County closed Red ball events.
  • February: Libby Emanuel - first Green ball tournament and a great effort against County players.
  • March: Amelia McCarthy - outstanding commitment to squad sessions, first competition experience quickly followed by excellent performance and enjoyment at our Junior Team Challenge. 
  • April: Oliver Long - Outstanding attendance, progress and performance in coaching sessions, junior mornings, junior team challenge and matchplay events.
  • May: Charlie Newman - 2nd place in the Windsor Open Grade 3 and gaining his Orange ball 'passport' after continued efforts in training contributed towards a string of Grade 3 titles.
  • June:  Katie Savill and Michael Strong - winning the Windsor Road to Wimbledon tournament and making valuable contributions towards both junior and senior teams. 
  • July: Emily-Mai Jordan - an outstanding commitment to volunteering at Llantrisant and an excellent performance in the Road to Wimbledon County finals. 
  • August: Max Lendrum - 100% commitment to every session and winning a 2nd Welsh title in a row. 
  • September: Harry Davies- exemplary effort, performance and conduct in Windsor unior tournament, tennis camps, mens matches and senior club championships.