Wednesday morning social adopt the ‘no-ad’ rule for doubles

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As we all know, playing a ‘long deuce’ can really make a game drag on, as well as depleting your energy reserves. Just ask Keith Glass and Anthony Fawcett, who clocked up a world-record 37 deuces in one game at Surrey grass-court championships in Surbiton in 1975.

To fit in with the recent launch of World Tennis Number (WTN) all leagues sets need a winner and so tie break sets will be introduced by Aylesbury & District Tennis League - in which the Thame ladies and mixed doubles play.  To avoid matches getting too long ADTL has also implement the ITF/ATP/WTA recognised ‘no-ad’ tournament doubles format for all divisions starting with the winter 2021 / 2022 Leagues.

The ‘no-ad’ rule (‘ad’ as in ‘advantage’) means that only a single point is played at 40-40 to determine the winner of that game. To help familiarise players with this format it’s being used at Wednesday morning club session, so members can become accustomed to it before playing matches.

But how does it work in practice! If it’s men’s or women’s doubles, then the receiving team gets to decide who receives that final serve.  In mixed doubles, then the man serves to the other man, and if it’s the woman serving then she serves to the woman in the receiving team. ...still with me? I hope so!

Please come down to the Wednesday morning club social session to give it a whirl!

The Wednesday morning social runs every Wednesday, 9.30am-11.30am.
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