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You can give us a call at 020 8958 3651 or email us at info@thedrivetennisclub.org

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Arriving at The Drive

Access to The Drive Tennis Club is by the side of 59 The Drive in Edgware. There is a car park for approximately 30 cars.

For the safety and security of our members, The Drive has an electronic gate.

On joining the Drive, you will be given a swipe electronic entry card.

To Enter

Drive/walk up the access road from the street to the gate; just before the gate on the right fence there is a small box fitted at car window level.

Present your electronic entry card in front of the box and the gate will open slowly.

Wait until it is fully open before you proceed into the car park in case a car is leaving at the same time.

If you don't have an entry card and the gate is closed, please ring the bell and someone will come and let you in.

To Leave

If in a vehicle - drive towards the gate, leaving space for the gate to swing open.

The gate has a sensor and will open automatically TOWARDS you.

Wait until it is fully open before you proceed.

If on foot – to the right of the entrance gate is a small electronic keypad. You will be informed of the exit code number, which you tap in.

The gate will open TOWARDS you.

Wait until it is fully open before you leave.

Take extreme care if on foot as the access road to/from The Drive is very narrow and cars may be entering from the street as you are walking to/from the club.


There are many children and pedestrians, who visit The Drive, and the entrance road to the club is very narrow with access and room for only one car at any one time. Please drive extremely slowly up the access road, and when turning into the club’s car park or out into the street. Please take extra care when driving around the car park.

How to find us

59a The Drive EDGWARE Middlesex HA8 8PS


The Drive Tennis Club

59a The Drive

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