Please follow the 16 rules of play during Covid

Please read and follow the Tennis Scotland rules for players.    Follow guidelines on social distancing from the Government.

You can play singles.   Only play doubles with members of your household.

IMPORTANT: Do not play tennis if Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of COVID-19, or are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus.  


You MUST leave 15 minutes between bookings.  Booking slots have been reduced to 15 minutes to allow this .  Please leave the  court promptly and follow all social distancing guidelines.  

Please wash your hands before leaving home and when you return home.  

Please use a pencil (or similar) or wear gloves to key in your gate access code. There will be hand sanitiser on each court (if you can, please bring your own). Use the sanitiser after you have accessed the court.  

Leave any bags at the back of the courts.  Please try to avoid using the padlock gates and wait for players to finish points before passing behind the courts.  


Please use your own equipment and balls. Initial your balls and do not to touch those belonging to other people (e.g. use your racket to return them). 

Leave nets up and dont brush the courts unless you bring disposable gloves for handling the court brushes and take the gloves home with you. 


Children aged under 14 MUST play with an adult. Please supervise children closely especially as younger ones will find it harder to follow distancing guidelines.  

Don't change ends during matches, or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the net. Don't shake hands / high five etc. 

Take ALL belongings and rubbish home with you. 

Bring your own water from home.  Please come to court ready to play (changing facilities are closed).


MEMBERS: Please do not enter the clubhouse.  The kitchen is off limits. The floodlights should not be used.  

The toilets cannot be used.  

Don't leave ANY litter - including ball cans, ball can lids, plastic bottles, packaging etc. Please take all your belongings home. Any clothing etc found at the club will be bagged and binned.

Do not congregate especially on the picnic / park benches.  


MEMBERS: If you need to use the first aid kit or the defibrillator you may enter the clubhouse to access these.  They are in the main part of the clubhouse. Please email if you use any of supplies so we can replenish. 

 The car park may remain closed. If travelling by car please park considerately.