Lovely day for ducks/geese

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The forecast for Saturday was really bad and with the threat of apocalyptic rainfall , the ladies A team decided to postpone their match v Kingsgate. The men's B , on the other hand, are made of sterner stuff. Their match with Bassett A went ahead and even attracted 2 random hardy spectators although one left defeated when the heavens opened . On court the tennis was sparkling with our number 1 pair Harry Thomas and Chris Egby on top form dispatching Bassett's 1st pair 6-1 6-1 and then taking a similarly short time to win 6-2 6-2  against the 2s. Meanwhile Dan Kwiatkowski and Richard Longworth took a while to blow away the cobwebs losing eventually 2-6 5-6 against the 2s but were making good against the 1st and were winning 7-6 4-1 when the monsoon hit . In the 2021 rules it states that whoever is winning if play is aborted,  takes the match , as it is only a friendly league this year . So Thornden won!! Well done guys.  No triumphant photo at the end as everyone had run for shelter , so you have Eastleigh Lakeside geese instead . Ladies B also postponed on sunday when the weather was even worse.