Courts at Tilford and Rushmoor Tennis Club

There are two courts available at Tilford and Rushmoor Tennis Club. Both are hard courts and were resurfaced just a few years ago. The surface provides an excellent bounce and is periodically pressure washed and line maintenance performed.

The courts are locked with a combination padlock. Members are supplied with the combination upon joining. The combination is changed annually on 01 May and all paid members are emailed the new number.

Courts do not need to be booked, however if both are in use and more players turn up, you are requested to vacate your court within 30 minutes. Please see the club rules for further information. In addition, there are the following regular sessions:

  • Every Monday from 09:30 to 10:30 - adult coaching using both courts
  • Every Saturday 1.00-4.00 pm one court only in use

Courts open from Wednesday 13th May
Following the latest rules published by the government we are allowed to play tennis which is great news. Members of the same household can play singles or doubles and singles can be played by two people not from the same household providing that social distancing of 2m is strictly adhered to. Below are the T&RTC rules for the use of the club's courts. For the full LTA guidance click

To avoid touch points the front gate will remain locked and the rear gate will be left unlocked, so no touching of the padlock needed. Please enter via the rear gate.
The net will set at the correct height, the measuring stick adjusting and net winder have been removed.
The Club Hut, WC and plastic chairs will remain out of use and locked up.
Both courts can be used
Bring your own alcohol based hand sanitiser jell to use after playing tennis.

In addition for players playing singles not from the same household.
Please bring your own tennis balls initialed, just use your own balls for serving, do not touch your opponents balls with your hands.
Change ends by going the opposite way to your opponent round the net. 
No hand shakes or 'maw maw' at the end of he match over the net. How about Namaste with a bow as an alternative, it means "I bow to the divine in you" Its a nice respectful gesture.
Give your racquets and equipment a wipe down or a wash after use.