Junior Coaching

Our Junior Coaching Programme caters to children of all ages from 2.5 years up to students of 18 years of age and from beginners to those playing competitive tennis within their clubs and in external tournaments, leagues and events.

In the Spring of 2021 the LTA launched it's new YOUTH TENNIS  coaching programmes for children starting at 4 years of age though to those of 18 years of age. These are comprehensive, structured coaching programmes and pathways that take children through all the stages or their childhood tennis development.

Based on a large body of scientific research, the programme looks to develop the child's overall 'physical literacy' as well as the most tennis specific requirements for playing the sport. These elements will be built into our coaching programmes going forwards. Further details about Youth Tennis and Youth Start can be accessed via the link below:


For further infromation on any elements of Junior and Youth coaching please contact Tim Seymour on 07887 723554.

Please note: Player taking in our term time courses are required to be Club members at one of the Club venues. However players have the option to take their coaching at any one of the three club venues, Normandy, Pirbright and Worplesdon Tennis Clubs