Membership Subscriptions

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The subscriptions for the coming year, commencing 1st March 2018, are ready and emails are being sent. If you don't receive one then please check your SPAM folder and contact me on [email protected] if necessary.

Having changed the subscription model last year, the Committee decided on a net 0% increase at that time. They also included the charge for entries into the Club Tournament in the fee. This is now a permanent feature. For this year, the Committee has settled for a 5% increase which accounts a little for last year and the Retail Price Index increase.

If you wish to change your category or for any other query, please email [email protected] For those members for whom we have a Date of Birth, they may have changed category e.g. Cadet to Junior, Junior to Young Adult.

Please follow the instructions on the renewal pages on the ClubSpark site which takes payment securely by Credit Card, Debit Card or a one-off Direct Debit - this makes renewal safe, swift and accurate. Do ensure you log in first, otherwise you will see the higher New Joiner rates.

A members pack will be prepared and this will contain a fixture card, your shoe tags and a letter from the Chairman. This should be ready for collection from behind the bar in late March. Watch out for communication on this, the Club Tournament and an improvement to the use of the loyalty card all coming soon.


Grahame Davies

Membership Secretary