Summer Holiday Tennis Clinics (ages 10+)

About the Camps

Recommended for ages 10 to 16.

Skill level: Intermediate

Coach: Simon Howells

Each 2-hour session will provide a safe outdoor environment for young people to develop their tennis skills, with individual support offered throughout. In addition, we will be organising some of the children’s favourite games, which we know they will have missed! Where possible and appropriate, we will also organise some matchplay. Participants should please bring sufficient refreshment with them for a 2-hour session. If required, we will of course top up drinks. We will be following a clear social-distancing protocol, focusing on outdoor activity and avoiding use of the clubhouse where possible. If children need to use the toilet facility, we will of course provide this safely. Please ensure that children are prepared for the weather on a given day, e.g. waterproof jacket and/or suncream!

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Please check that there are enough spaces available before you continue.