Easter Holidays Tennis, Multi-skills and Athletic Development

About the Camps

Recommended for ages 6 to 14.

A fun-filled day, split into a morning and afternoon session and with participants welcome to stay for the whole day. The focus of both sessions will be tennis, with individual support offered throughout. In addition, we will be organising some of the children's favourite games, e.g. prisoners. During the afternoon session each day, we intend to organise some tennis singles and doubles matches. Both sessions will also include some relevant multisport and fitness work, including other sending and receiving games (e.g. cricket), athletic challenges and more. All activities will get the children moving, develop their skills and give them a great time! Participants can sign up for the morning, afternoon, or whole day. Various combinations of days are also possible. Please send children with clothing to cover various weather options, including rain and sunshine! Please provide a packed lunch for children staying for the whole day.

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