Men's Teams

The Townsend men's section offers lots of opportunities for competitive team tennis. We enter multiple teams in the Hertfordshire LTA club, open and vets competitions and this gives the chance for players of various levels to represent Townsend in matches throughout the year.

Should you have any queries about Men's team tennis, please contact our Men's Captain, Julian See ([email protected]) or speak directly to the relevant team captain.   



Hertfordshire Summer Doubles League 

We have 7 teams in this three pair format which is played throughout the summer season. 

Team  Captain
Men's 1 Rob Slack
Men's 2 Tim Gray
Men's 3 Anthony Bennett
Men's 4 Stuart Walker
Men's 5 Bruce Smith
Men's 6 Steve Bramall
Men's 7 Alan Clegg


Hot Rackets

A two pair format played against other Hertfordshire clubs from April to September

Team  Captain
Men's 1 Matthew Morgan


Herts Team Tennis

This is a national singles focussed competition with teams of 4 players, each playing one singles and one doubles rubber per match.

Team Captain
Men's 1 Glen Fietta



Hertfordshire Men's Winter Seniors League

A two pair doubles league for men aged 45, 55 and 65 years and over

Team  Captain
Over 45's - Men's 1 Julian See
Over 45's - Men's 2 Stuart Walker
Over 45's - Men's 3 Steve Bramall
Over 45's - Men's 4 James McGaughey
Over 55's - Men's 1 Ed Marks
Over 55's - Men's 2 Derek Mackay
Over 55's - Men's 3 Hugh Griffiths
Over 65's - Men's 1 Bill Tindale 


Winter Singles League

Team Captain
Men's 1 Gururaj Bilur