Additional Information for Club Members

Club Management

TTC is a members club governed by a Management Committee formed from volunteer members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Members may also be co-opted to the Committee at the Chairman’s discretion and subsequently ratified at the AGM.  Various members support the committee in the form of individual roles or coordination groups. Information on the elected committee officials and other volunteer positions is available by selecting the ‘Club Management’ link below.

Club Management


Options to pay for membership subscriptions/renewals and court booking fees are presented on the relevant pages, e.g. the Membership page and the Court Booking page.   Payments may be made by bank transfer/internet banking or by card.   Payments due for match fees, rota fees, etc should be made via bank transfers using internet banking.   For help on payments please contact the Club Treasurer, Dick Hogbin.  Dick can be contacted by phone on 07887 396918 or by email at [email protected]

The club's account details are as follows:

Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Trottiscliffe Tennis Club
Sort Code: 40-40-32
Account No: 81250264

Evening Rota Schedules

The club organises regular weekday evening doubles sessions that run throughout the year and are open to all members.  These evening sessions are streamed according to ability in order to provide a consistent standard of play for participating members.  Each rota evening has an organiser who coordinates the schedule for a particular evening and organises tennis balls and floodlight use.  The individual sessions are organised using a rota system in the form of schedules for each evening which are published on a seasonal basis.  The rota schedules can be accessed by selecting the relevant link below.

There is a charge for each player to cover the provision of tennis balls and floodlight costs.  Participants should contact your evening organiser to review your account debit and credit position.

Should you wish to participate in these rota evenings or have any queries, please contact the Rota Coordinator, Phil Stevens, on 07974 910778 or by email at [email protected]   For payment assistance or financial queries please contact the Treasurer, Dick Hogbin, on 07887 396918 or by email at [email protected]

Rota Schedule - Spring/Summer 2022

Kent LTA League

The Club fields several teams in the Kent LTA Leagues for both Winter and Summer seasons. The number and category of teams entered is determined by the number of eligible members wishing to play competitive tennis in the LTA league. The selection of nominated players and reserves is made by the Team Selection Group (TSG) on a merit-based principle. Information on the selection process is available via the 'Team Selection Guidelines' link below.

The nominated players for each team, team captains, and reserves are published prior to each season and may be viewed by selecting the 'Team Nominations' link below.

Simon Middelboe chairs the Team Selection Group which comprises Rachael Taylor, Lloyd Smith, Julia Smith, and Claire Fraser. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding team selection please contact Simon or one of the Selection Group members.

Team Selection Guidelines

Nominated Players

Match dates and the results for each Trottiscliffe team participating in the Kent LTA League are available by selecting the relevant 'Fixtures & Results' link below.  Further details of the various clubs and teams participating in the league including detailed results and analysis are available on the LTA British Tennis tournament site which can be accessed by selecting this 'LTA League Website' link.

Fixtures & Results (Spring/Summer 2022) - Weekend

Fixtures & Results (Spring/Summer 2022 ) - Midweek

Media Galleries

Photos and videos from various events are available by selecting the relevant link from the following options:

Tournament Winners

Overhead Video - Jul 2021

Overhead Court Views - Jul 2021

25th Anniversary Dinner/Dance - May 2019

20th Anniversary Ball - May 2014

Tennis Balls & Recycling

The Club provides tennis balls for club sessions, league matches, and general member use.  Nearly new balls are available in the ball trolley for use in club sessions and general member use.  Balls that have reached the end of their prime playing life should be placed in the recycling bin.

The Club is keen to recycle all used tennis balls in support of its environmental goals and members are encouraged to recycle used tennis balls whether these have been provided by the Club or from personal supplies.

Phil Stevens manages the Club’s ball provision and recycling.  Should you have any queries please contact Phil by phone on 07974 910778 or by email at: [email protected]

Wimbledon Ticket Allocation

Each year the LTA allocates Wimbledon tickets to LTA Advantage Members.   Advantage members who belong to the categories ‘Fan Plus’, ‘Play Plus’ and ‘Compete’ will be eligible for entry to the Wimbledon Ballot. Junior eligibility is restricted to age 11 years and above. 

Further information on ticket allocation may be found on the LTA website