Player of the Month

Each month the Tennis Team nominate players from across the programme and agree on a worthy winner who receives a FREE t-shirt and a certificate, they are also automatically shortlisted for the Player of the Year award which will be announced each August.


2018/19 Player of the Year is...


Chris Farndon! Congratulations to Chris for winning our inaugural POTY! Chris is incredibly supportive of the programme, regularly attends PAYG sessions, encourages new people to play and is the first to volunteer to events that help people get the most out of their time on and off the court. Everyone at Coombe Dingle enjoys Chris' company and she puts smile on our faces when she is in. 



  • July - Aisha and Azlan Mesen (Mini Tennis, Camps and CHS)
  • June - Thomas Norwood (Mini Tennis)
  • May - Zoe Wakling (Teen Tennis)
  • April - Christine Farndon (Adult)
  • March - Lee Botterill (Adult)
  • February - William Gordon (Teen Tennis)
  • January - Mark Rayson (Adult)
  • December - Will Harrison (Teen Tennis)
  • November - Katie Kirby (Student - Ladies 1st Team)
  • October 2018 - Ayesha Craig (Mini Tennis)
  • September 2018 - Mia Hira (Teen Tennis)


LTA British Tennis Awards


UOB Tennis won the Avon Tennis Education Venue of the Year Award for 2018 - thanks to everyone involved in our work in schools, FE and HE across the City, this one is for you all!


Connie Simpson won the Avon and LTA SW Region Young Person of the Year 2018 Award and won some pretty incredible prizes including a trip with her dad to the US Ambassador home for a function, a trip to Queen's to do a coin toss on centre court with Kyle Edmund and Stefanos Tsistsipas and a trip to Wimbledon where she had lunch with Tracy Neville, met Judy Murray and the Dutchess of Cambridge, not a bad prize! Congratulations Connie and thank you for all of the work you do with us at UOB Tennis.