Meet the Committee

Issy Hardy 

Committee Position: President

Course: Philosophy 

Shot of Choice: Loopy baseline 

Favourite Part of the Club: Fwends 

Inspirational Quote: It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.


Tony Wren

Committee Position: Vice - President 

Course: Civil Engineering 

Shot of Choice: Serve

Favourite Part of the Club: The people and the socials  

Inspirational Quote: There's no such thing as just 1 beer


Jiri Moser 

Committee Position: Men's Team Captain 

Course: Economics and Mathematics 

Shot of Choice: Forehand 

Favourite Part of the Club: Great people and a great level of tennis

Inspirational Quote: You don't need money, you only need to be healthy and for beer to taste good!


Florence Cameron Webb

Committee Position: Women's Team Captain 

Course: Medicine 

Shot of Choice: Forehand drive volley 

Favourite Part of the Club: The people!! Everyone is so so nice :))

Inspirational Quote: "Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage and something great will come of it" - We Bought A Zoo

Harry Vincent 

Committee Position: Treasurer 

Course: Economics 

Shot of Choice: Forehand

Favourite Part of the Club: Good tennis and good people

Inspirational Quote: Over and in 


Kester Mclennan

Committee Position: Advanced Men's Captain 

Course: Geography 

Shot of Choice: Jaeger

Favourite Part of the Club: Friends

Inspirational Quote: Fresh are friends, not food 


Maddy Clegg 

Committee Position: Advanced Women's Captain 

Course: Liberal Arts 

Shot of Choice: Winners

Favourite Part of the Club: Meeting new people and making some of my best mates 

Inspirational Quote: I'll see it when I believe it


Laurent Vaughan 

Committee Position: Advanced Squad Captain

Course: Nano Physics PhD

Shot of Choice: Dropshot

Favourite Part of the Club: Very welcoming and social

Inspirational Quote: One week they love me, next week they hate me, both weeks I got paid.


Poppy Wildsmith 

Committee Position: Social Captain 

Course: French and Russian 

Shot of Choice: Vodka / Backhand slice 

Favourite Part of the Club: Sports night and top merch (and wonderful people)

Inspirational Quote: Nothing more therapeutic after a hard day at uni than hitting a ball really hard


Matt Whitehead 

Committee Position:  Social Sec 

Course: Management with Innovation 

Shot of Choice: Second Serve 

Favourite Part of the Club: There is a great community feel amongst all of the club members - a very

welcoming and positive vibe.

Inspirational Quote: I've never hit a double fault before


Dafyyd James 

Committee Position: Social Sec

Course: Management 

Shot of Choice: Forehand volley

Favourite Part of the Club: Social side

Inspirational Quote: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong


Adam Payton

Committee Position: Equality, Well Being & Diversity Officer 

Course: Mathematics 

Shot of Choice: Backhand smash 

Favourite Part of the Club: All the friends I've made 

Inspirational Quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Michael Scott


Jade Taktak

Committee Position: Secretary 

Course: Applied Neuropsychology (MSc)

Shot of Choice: Volley

Favourite Part of the Club: The sense of community (the tennis part is also fun)

Inspirational Quote: "Champions keep playing until they get it right" - Billie Jean King


Árdghal MacMahon

Committee Position: Intramural Officer 

Course: Dentistry 

Shot of Choice: Drop-volley / Tequila

Favourite Part of the Club: Away days

Inspirational Quote: "We hit forehands and backhands with a racket, but we volley with our hearts" - Andrew Castle


Ravi Sharda 

Committee Position: Coaching and Volunteering Officer 

Course: History

Shot of Choice: Whisky

Favourite Part of the Club: The people!!

Inspirational Quote: "A lot of people criticize Formula 1 as an unnecessary risk. But what would life be like

if we only did what is necessary?" - Niki Lauda


Ollie Mayo 

Committee Position: Kit and Alumni Officer 

Course: Economics 

Shot of Choice: Drop shot volley

Favourite Part of the Club: The sense of community

Inspirational Quote: Never settle for mediocrity


Amber Allen 

Committee Position: Sponsorship and Alumni Officer

Course: English 

Shot of Choice: Cross-court forehand

Favourite Part of the Club: The people!!!

Inspirational Quote: Stop letting the haters control you - Kevin from Mean Girls