New Starter Courses For Girls & Boys This Autumn

VTA are pleased to announce a new batch of starter tennis courses for girls and boys starting this September. 

As Part of our LTA Youth Start and Prime Video Youth Girls Programme your child can access 6 weeks of high quality coaching sessions and receive their own racquet, t-shirt and set of balls all for just £35! 

See below for our session availability and follow the links to book online: 


Mondays 4pm for 5-8yrs (starts 18/9/23) - Book Here 

Mondays 6pm, Girls Only for 8-12yrs (starts 18/9/23) - Book Here

Wednesdays 4pm for 7-11yrs (starts 20/9/23) - Book Here

Fridays 4pm, Girls Only for 6-8yrs (starts 22/9/23) - Book Here

Saturday 9am for 4-6yrs (starts 23/9/23) - Book Here

Saturday 10am for 6-8yrs (starts 23/9/23) - Book Here

Romilly Park, Barry:

Sundays 9am for 4-6yrs (starts 24/9/23) - Book Here

Sundays 10am for 6-8yrs (starts 24/9/23) - Book Here

Sunday 11am for 8-11yrs (starts 24/9/23) - Book Here

Sunday 12 noon, Girls Only for 8-12yrs (starts 24/9/23) - Book Here

Llantwit Major:

Mondays 4:30pm for 5-8yrs (starts 18/9/23) - Book Here

Wednesdays 5pm, Girls Only for 9-14yrs (starts 20/9/23) - Book Here

Saturdays 9am for 6-8yrs (starts 23/9/23) - Book Here