Membership 2024/5

Subs must be paid in advance to use the courts (even if only having lessons) and the clubhouse. Your membership subs cover the rent, rates, energy, cleaning, gardening, maintenance and refurbishment. The club receives no money from the coaches.

As a member you will have access to: six courts (plus free floodlights), a professional coaching team, the friendly clubhouse/bar and Members Area for entry gate codes, etc. Members also get discounts/free entry to some club events (parties, junior summer camps etc) and free entry to LTA Wimbledon ballots.

Our subs for the full season (1st April to the 31st March) are detailed below. 

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Category Description 2024/25 
A Full Playing Adult Member
(Age 25 and over as at 31st March)
AU25 Age 19 to 24 as at 31st March £130
B Weekday Member
(Monday to Friday until 6pm)
C Junior Member
(Age 8 to 18 as at 31st March)
D Social Member
(Non-playing adult)
F Adult Beginner/Improver (excludes Thur evenings and Sun mornings, which are Cat A only sessions) £245


Download the "Welcome to Vicars Moor" Introductory Pack for a comprehensive introduction to membership.

Mini tennis (5 to 7 year olds): a reduced junior membership rate applies (See Below). Please enter Parent name and email first when registering then add child's name and date of birth. Munchkins (under 5s) are FREE.

Subs are pro rata from Ist October: so Cat A member joining in Nov. would pay £340/12 x5 = £140.  

Family Discount: Junior/AJ subs will be reduced by 50% if both parents are Cat A or F. This applies to children in a single parent family if the single parent is Cat A or F.

Inclusive and accessible tennis: Vicars Moor is an inclusive club and we are striving to make tennis more accessible to anyone with a disability or impairment. We encourage anyone to join - please click on the contact us button.


Information about the Club you may find helpful:

Visitors are welcome – a visitor may play up to three times a year on payment of £5 for adults and £3 for juniors. The Club member introducing the visitor should write their name in the red visitors book in the telephone lobby and feed fees through the tube.

Social Events – our bar is usually open most weekday evenings from about 8pm (see rota in the clubhouse) and for club events. Members may hire the premises for a fixed charge.

Terms & Conditions

All members agree to abide by the Club Rules as displayed below and on the club notice board. This agreement includes consent to being in publicity, including photographs, video footage and activities organized by Vicars Moor LTC for club purposes. If you or your child do not consent please email the Club Secretary to opt out.

Club Rules – click here 

For more useful information please click here 


Cat A - Full 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Full Playing Adult Membership - Thursday night & Sunday morning sessions exclusively for Cat A players

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Cat AJ - Adult Junior 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

A junior who shows the maturity and ability to play as if they were an adult member

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Cat AU25 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Adult Under 25

Eligibility: Age 19 to 24 as at 31st March

Age: 19 - 24 years

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Cat B - Weekday 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Weekday membership (Monday to Friday until 6pm only)

Eligibility: For those who only want to play in the week and in the day time

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Cat C - Junior 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Junior membership

Eligibility: Age 8 to 18 as at 31st March

Age: 8 - 18 years

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Cat D - Social 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Social membership

Eligibility: Non-playing adult membership (includes reduced ticket entry to some social events)

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Cat F - Adult Beginner/Improver 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Adult beginner/improver membership

Eligibility: Ideal for new joiners and 'rusty racket' players - Excludes Thur night and Sun morning playing (Cat A only sessions)

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Cat Mini 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Mini aged 5 to 7 at 31 March

Age: 5 - 7 years

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Cat Munchkin - FREE 2024/5

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Child aged under 5 at 31 March

Age: 1 - 4 years

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