Guidelines for Activity at the Club

Guidelines for Activity at the Club

Rules on the use of Wadebridge Tennis Club Courts

To be read in conjunction with Our & LTA Code of Conduct / Policies LTA published Guidelines. and (Pay & Play Terms)

Play can continue on the understanding:

  • Courts are available for Paid-up Club Members with a 10-day advance booking window- There is also a Pay and Play option for Non-Members with a 5-day advance booking window.

  • Members may play with a non-member subject to paying a £5 guest fee. (See How to Book)

  • If a parent wishes to play with a Junior or Mini member, they must enroll as a club member, or pay the £5 Guest Fee.

  • As part of Club Policy and insurance, All Players are required to register the people they are playing with, this can be done at the time of booking.

  • Junior Members over the age of 14yrs may attend the courts without a parent/guardian as long as they follow all rules/guidelines. Children 13 and under who wish to play on the courts together must be accompanied by a Parent / Carer (LTA Safeguarding Guidelines:-What age can children be left unsupervised at a tennis venue? We recommend that children under the age of 13 are supervised by their parent/carer whilst at a tennis venue and outside of any venue sessions, such as coaching lessons or tennis camps).

  • Court time MUST be booked using the LTA/Clubspark Booking Sheet. NO Roll Up play is permitted, pre-book your court. You are asked to wait for players to leave the courts before entering if using the same courts.

  • Members who wish to play in Club Sessions see the Ability and Club session guide.

  • Players can play Singles or Doubles, Observe all current Government Guidelines.

  • Members are required to bring their own tennis balls and equipment.(Except for organised Club Sessions when balls will be provided)

  • Players should clean their hands before, during, and after play if appropriate (All players should be bringing their own cleaning items and hand sanitisers)

  • Players must re-lock the entrance gate when on-court playing and not open for anyone, except for their OWN entry and exit. Even if going to fetch a ball from outside etc., to prevent unauthorised entry. (Just because someone is outside with tennis gear does not mean they have booked a court, all booked players should have confirmation on their phone or a copy of their booking). make sure the court gate is closed and secured especially if you are the last to leave the courts.

  • Players are expected to maintain standards of behavior appropriate to an environment in which both adult and junior members may be present.

  • Please wear suitable non-marking sports shoes and clothing to suit weather conditions eg. hot, wet and cold. (and ensure that shirts are worn on the court even in very hot weather)

  • Please do not bring bikes, scooters, skateboards, footballs, etc. (chewing gum or glass) onto the courts they are for tennis only. Remove all rubbish.

  • Please do not allow balls to constantly stray onto other courts and interrupt the enjoyment of other court users, wait for balls to be returned and not run across other courts to retrieve them.

  • When wet or frosty, the courts and lines become slippery. Please take this into consideration when deciding to play. Use of the courts is at your discretion and Wadebridge Tennis Club takes no responsibility for injuries or loss sustained while you are using the courts.

  • If after booking you find that you are no longer able to play, please cancel your booking so that others may use the courts.

  • These Guidelines will form part of Wadebridge Tennis Club Regulations and are to be read in conjunction with LTA Guidance for Tennis Players -and Government Guidance

  • Any Players found to be flouting these Guidelines may have their court use suspended, it is everyone's duty to protect themselves and others.

  • This list is not exhaustive and may be added to or amended as required.

E&OE 06/22