Corona Virus Current Guidelines at Club

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The Tennis Courts are CLOSED to the General Public.

After many weeks of lock down the U.K. government have lifted some of the restrictions that have been necessary to try to combat the Coronavirus, this does not mean its entirely safe.

The Management Committee of the Club have agreed to reopen the courts with limited availability for MEMBERS ONLY in line with Government Advice, but strict guidelines MUST be followed otherwise the courts will be locked up again.

We are undertaking some work to achieve this and will be in touch to let you know when courts will be available

Play can continue on the understanding:

1. Courts are only available for Paid up Club Members - there is NO pay and play option.

2. Members should clean the entrance gate and any other item they may handle before and after play

3. Members must relock entrance gate when on court playing and not open for anyone, except for their OWN entry and exit.

4. Members are required to bring their own tennis balls and equipment.

5. Family members can play together or *two non family members can play singles, (*observing 2m distance). NO double play outside Family members can take place.

6. If a parent wishes to play with a Junior or Mini member, they must themselves enrol as a club member. We are reducing the club membership by 50% this year, so as an Introductory Member that will only be £30 for your membership.^This ensures only club members have access to the courts and the gate is locked / cleaned etc. before, during and after usage.

7. If juniors or minis wish to play on the courts together they must be accompanied by an adult Member for the above reason^

8. Court time MUST be booked using the Clubspark booking app. No Roll Up play is permitted, pre-book your court. You are asked to leave the court before the end of you allotted time so that it is empty for the next players.

9. Only 3 courts will be available at any one time 1, 3 and 5. to ensure distancing

10. The clubhouse is to be kept locked and only to be used to by existing keyholders to access the toilets, no bags are to be left there and no socialising is allowed in the sitting area. Clean all areas touched.

11. Please always keep to the 2 metre Social Distancing rules.

12. Any Member found to be flouting these Guidelines will be fined their membership fee and have their membership cancelled with immediate effect, with no appeal.

13. These Guidelines will form part of Wadebridge Tennis Club Regulations and are to be read in conjunction with the LTA Play Safe Guidelines - Return To Restricted Play

14. This list is not exhaustive and may be added to or amended as required.