Terms and Conditions

Club contact details

Club Name:

Walsall Tennis Club

Club address:


Rear of the Metro Hotel, Birmingham Road, Walsall WS5 3AB

Club contact name:

Beate Pesian

Club contact email:

[email protected]

Phone: 07422 528337

Club web address:


Membership details

Club instructions for new members  (i.e phone or email contact, send a form etc):

Phone or e-mail contact: 07422 528337, [email protected], 11 Lake Road, Walsall WS5 3AZ

Normal Membership costs:

(Due to club site vacation – only 6 month memberships currently being offered in 2017 – approximately 50% of 2016/17 rates)

Part-Family: £95

Full-Family: £150

Couple- not applicable

Individual- Adult(£80), Over-60 (£70), Student/Junior(£40), Mini-Junior (£25).

Contact details for local marketing (please tick):

Name- Brian McBride (Chairman)

Number- 07958-294012, [email protected]

What is the follow on offer subsidy/incentive i.e. how much discount, get a racket if join a full membership etc:

The Club will offer TWELVE WEEKS membership (i.e. right through until site vacation on 2 October 2017)

Please describe how the club will ensure the new member feels welcomed:

Invitation to engage in social mix-ins organised by club coach.


Club specific Terms and Conditions

If offer is valid for new members only please specify by ticking below:

c Not been a member before

c Not been a member in the last ……… years

Free coaching will not be offered as part of the offer

What can new members participate in?

Club tournament (August/September), team play, social mix-ins

Please list any exclusions


Please list any other terms and conditions

Clubhouse keys are available at a cost of £5.50 per set