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I have had a lot of queries about travel and Tiers, what clubs are doing/ saying and how to advise. As you know the approach we are taking at the LTA is to liaise with DCMS and use the main principles to then produce the guidance here:

There are new sections on travel and also on playing your part, which are aimed to help clubs see that aim is to keep their members and them as a business open and safe. I would urge you as counties to use the text in written replies from here and as I have mentioned on several queries that clubs could be liable if they breach the guidelines and end up with issues and restrictions as a result, it’s on this basis that we are issuing guidance to support and keep tennis open. The travel guidance for tier 1,2 into tier 3 is very clear, the only exceptions are U18s and disability.

In tier 3 , there have been questions about what constitutes an area and this was taken to DCMS for clarification. We’ve updated the LTA Coronavirus page with the text below, which is hopefully self-explanatory. So for Derbyshire LTA the tier 3 area the Government’s travel guidance applies to is “Derby and Derbyshire”, and for Notts LTA the tier 3 area is “Nottingham and Nottinghamshire”. And not the region (i.e. East Midlands).

So for example, it’s now clear that league matches cannot be played between Tier 1,2 areas going into Tier 3 areas but within tier 3 areas this also can only be in the defined area, so for example Nottinghamshire clubs and Derbyshire clubs in Tier 3 cannot play each other even though they are both in tier 3.

What Tier Am I In?

The Government has announced what tier each area of the country will be in – you can find out which tier you are in using the postcode checker on the Government website via the link below:


FULL LIST - Local Restrictions By Area


The Government guidance on travel refers to 'areas'. We have received confirmation that what counts as an area is as per the bullet points on the Government's full list - for example, Kent and Medway would be counted as one area, Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull would be counted as one area, and Tees Valley Combined Authority would be counted as one area.

Shared by Midlands LTA- Tuesday 8th December