Internal Team Tennis

Wheathampstead's finest players have been drawn into teams to do battle for the inaugral Team Tennis Trophy. The team will do battle in a modified Autumn Datchworth format, with 13-game sets and quick-fire deuces to crown the finest team in Wheathampstead for 2020.

The Teams

Champagne Charlatans Corona Cruisers Iron Bruisers Merlot Mob

Christine Gatward (C)

Helen Nutall

Julia Verney

Jennie King

Anna M'bhai

Phoebe Jones

Rebecca Barry

Sue Nelson

Lily Jones

Cathy Honey

Sarah-Fay Miller

Lesley Gilfrin

Caroline Boon (C)

Jane Kelly

Sally Jones

Margaret White

Dean Harris

Tom Burton

Adrian Jones

Patrick King

Jason Baker (C)

Ed Saunders

Tom Allen

Keith Andrews

Paul Dyson (C)

Andrew Innes

Joseph Saunders

Adam Gilfrin

David Hewson

Andy Clapp

Will Turnbull

Will Berrington


Fixture List

Week 1:

Sat:              Champagne Charlatans vs Merlot Mob (Postponed)

Sun:             Corona Cruisers vs Iron Bruisers (6-0: 49-29)

Week 2:

Sat:              Champagne Charlatans vs Iron Bruisers (Postponed)

Sun:             Merlot Mob vs Corona Cruisers (2-4: 33-55)

Week 3:

Sat:              Merlot Mob vs Iron Bruisers (4-2: 47-31)

Sun:             Corona Cruisers vs Champagne Charlatans (3-3: 43-35)

Week 4:

Sat:              Iron Bruisers vs Corona Cruisers (Postponed)

Sun:             Merlot Mob vs Champagne Charlatans (1-5: 26-52)

Week 5:

Sat:              Corona Cruisers vs Merlot Mob (Postponed)

Sun:             Iron Bruisers vs Champagne Charlatans (Postponed)

Week 6:

Sat:              Champagne Charlatans vs Corona Cruisers (3-3: 38-40)

Sun:             Iron Bruisers vs Merlot Mob (4-2: 44-34)

Table (as of 18th October)

Table 18th October