Court Booking For Members Only

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

  • Courts MUST be  booked by members in slots of 1hour and 15 minutes.  An additional  15 minute social distancing period has been blocked out on the booking page  for you to leave the courts, and to to let other members arrive to begin their session safely.  
  • Start times have been staggered  to reduce member contact further so courts 1 and 2 are available 15 minutes earlier than courts 3 , 4 and 5.  
  • Court number 2 has been reserved for our club coach, Cezar, for group coaching from 4pm to 8.30pm in the winter months.
  • Court 5 has also been reserved for group coaching with Cezar on Saturdays between 10.00am and 2.00pm.  Please contact him to book a session - Coach Cezar's booking page  
  • Social distancing of 2 metres applies at all times.
  • No spectators are allowed unless supervising a junior.
  • If you or anyone in your family have  Covid 19 symptoms please remain at home.
  • Please ensure you wash your hands before and after your session and bring wipes with you to clean down any hard surfaces that you touch.  Hand sanitiser is provided and located on the gate of each court.
  • On Monday morning the courts are closed from 9am until 12pm for maintenance.  
  • The clubhouse is closed until further notice, the toilets are open based on a one in one out rule.   
  • These rules and restrictions have been established to ensure your safety during the Covid-19 outbreak, so please follow them.  If the committee feels that your safety is compromised in any way, then we may have to review the situation and consider closing the club.
  • Member guests may try out the club up to 6 times.  3 times free of charge, and a further 3 for a small fee that is remimbursed if you choose to join.