How Can I Help?

Everything at the Club is run by volunteers. Coaches are paid but they work for the COMMUNITY not for themselves. Everything we do is focussed on making sport affordable and accessible to the wider Community.

As a relatively small community club we are always looking for willing volunteers to help make Wickham Community Tennis Club the best we possibly can.

You as club members are best placed to know what we want to achieve, and you also play a part in delivering our objectives. Offers of help are always welcome, so if you feel you have something to give back to your club, please get in touch with the committee or coaching team. There must be a wealth of talent and skills amongst our membership that we can tap into

We would welcome all sorts of help, however small or large. There are some formal roles we need to fill, but also plenty of smaller "informal" tasks that need someone to step up.

Formal roles we would like to appoint:

Volunteer Co-ordinator
Website/Social Media Editor
Junior Representatives

Other areas we need help and occasional volunteers:

Club representatives for organised events
Welcoming host for new/prospective members at club sessions
Organisers for junior events - transport, snacks, support
Posters, flyers, graphics specialist
Clubhouse monitor
The list goes on.

If you are able to give up some of your valuable free time to help support the club and it's members, or if you would like more information about any of the roles or tasks, please contact one of the committee team.