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One of the club AGM's will be held on the 01 November 2020 at 1pm and this will be linked to an Halloween themed tennis social event which will start after the AGM. Usual food and quiz will be provided so keep a lookout to get your name down and should finish around 5pm.

You can also just attend the AGM without playing in the social event of course, and we are also repeating the AGM on the 04 November 2020 at the more conventional time of 7.30pm to accommodate those who cannot make the 01 November or simply prefer the evening slot.

We are doing it this way to encourage more members to attend the AGM and have your say in the elections of Directors and Committees and the way the club and academy is managed. 

With this in mind we are inviting nominations for the following positions which will be for a 2 year period:

Chair of Directors currently held by Joseph Grimes
Secretary to the Directors currently held by Chris Roberts
Director currently held by Alison Schofield

Anyone interested in taking up one of these positions needs to be nominated and seconded by a active member. Kindly send any nominations to [email protected] by 30 September 2020 deadline please. No nominations will be accepted after this date.

If anyone wants to know what is involved in holding one of these positions, then there is information available on the LTA website or simply contact one of the current Directors who will be more than happy to share with you the responsibilities and accountabilities.

If the club receives any nominations then an election will be conducted during October 2020 which will then be consolidated at the AGM's.

Chris, Alison and Joe have all committed to remain in position for a further two years, but to ensure we do respect democracy, will be entered into an election if the club does receive nominations for any of the positions.

In the event of NO nominations, then a vote of confidence will be conducted at the AGM for each position. You are only allowed one vote, even if you decide to attend both AGM's and this will be formally recorded during the meetings. The AGM agenda will be sent out in due course.

Apologies for the long winded email but we want to ensure the governance of the academy and club is totally transparent and democratic. Thank you for your patience in reading through this email. 

The WTA Directors
One Team. One Way Forward.  

Widnes Tennis Academy