Lane Tennis Club Committee (LTCC)

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Following on from previous correspondence from the directors regarding the governance and structure of Widnes Tennis Academy, I am delighted to inform you that the Lane Tennis Club Committee (LTCC) is to restart with some new members after this enforced shut down.

The Board of Directors will remain responsible and accountable for the overall management of the venue with the LTCC focused very much on the club side and supporting our valued members. Full Terms of Reference will be available from the Chair of Directors on request if anyone would like to view them.

The main objectives of the LTCC will be “to encourage participation in tennis at all ages and abilities by promoting the enjoyment of tennis to all its members and visitors”. We need to ensure this is done in a safe environment and support the club in providing a welcoming and efficient customer service to all our valued members and guests. In addition, the LTCC will be overseeing various subgroups including Social, Membership and Tennis. We also intend to improve our social media communications and marketing of the club.

I am honoured to have been asked by the directors to be the interim chair of the new committee until things can be formalised at the next club AGM. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the new team of directors for all their recent hard work in organising a complete revamp of the club facilities. I was at the club this morning and I am sure we can all agree the club is looking fantastic. I would also like to thank the previous chairs Mark Payton and prior to that Neil Barber for all their past commitment to the club and hard work overseeing the committee. They are both taking a deserved rest from volunteering and hopefully will both be spending more time playing Tennis.

The interim new committee will consist of reps from the 3 subgroups, Clive Beswick from Membership, Fiona Daglish from Social and of course Andrew Beswick from Tennis. Pauline Connor will also be a member and will provide admin support to LTCC. We would like to recruit a representative to give a voice to our junior section and as mentioned above someone to help with our media and communications. If anyone is interested in one or even both positions then please let myself or Clive know as soon as possible. If any members have any suggestions comments or indeed criticisms for the committee then we can be contacted by email at the following  

Ian on [email protected]

 OR Clive on [email protected]

The recent pandemic has been dreadful for everyone and the past few months have been a difficult time for all. All aspects of life have changed including our Tennis club where several changes have had to be made due to various financial reasons. I am however convinced with all the support of our wonderful members and volunteers we can come through this and continue to enjoy our great game for years to come in a vibrant and thriving club.

Many thanks Ian Schofield [ Interim Chair LTCC]